Created by Suleyman Halicioglu

Created by Suleyman Halicioglu
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Cartoonist Suleyman Halicioglu

He was born in Mersin (Turkiye) in 1955.
He is M.S. Mechanical Engineer and works as the QA/QC Manager for a private company in Istanbul.

His active participation totals to 41 years in Cartoon Art.

Suleyman Halicioglu

His cartoons are published in Hurriyet newspaper and Girgir humour magazine, both with highest circulation in Turkey and abroad. He worked as a cartoonist for Milliyet and Dunya newspapers as well as for Carsaf and Civi magazines.
He participated in various contests and joined many exhibitions in Turkey and abroad, and many of his cartoons are compiled in the catalogues.
In 1997, he was awarded the special award in Serdar Cakirer competetions.
He is a member of The Association of Turkish Cartoonist.


Paint Gallery of Suay Halicioglu